Dating In The DMV

July 22, 2017




This  post has nothing to do with fashion nor styling. SHOCKER! I wanted to open up to you all and talk about dating life in dc as well on my blog, and a few of my experiences. Being a black girl, later 20s and single is not the easiest thing, but something that for some reason hasn't been a huge issue for me.



I know people in  my life who talk about them being  single and wanting a boyfriend every time I speak to them. For me I barely even talk about it. Yes of course I want to settle down and find the perfect person for me and have a child. Unlike many others I am not settling because I do not want to be in my 40s newly divorced and having to start all over again. I will patiently wait for Gods timing.

My Co worker was discussing with me one day about how she keeps meeting guys up here who say they are polynamorous. At first I had no idea what that meant. So I did what every other smart person with a smart phone does I googled it. The Urban dictionary defines it as, the state of having multiple sexually or romantically committed relationships at the same time, with the consent of all partners involved. To me it meant man or woman, wanting to have you and multiple other partners in a committed relationship without the guilt of having to hide that you are cheating on each other. At the time I never met anyone who had those type of beliefs, so I laughed it off with her and moved on. A month went by and ironically I met my first guy who told me he was polynamorous. I literally could not believe it. He explained to me his views on relationships and what was his reason behind wanting to be polynamorous. I am going to be honest with you all, all I heard after he told me what he was, was blah blah ba blah blah. I was just not ready to believe that people are actually giving up on founding real love with one person, and getting married to that person God wanted you to spend your life with. Is my generation really feeling like being with one person for the rest of your life is unrealistic.I had so many thoughts go through my mind of the notion of a polynamourous relationship, and can people honestly be happy and fulfilled in the relationship. I want to here your thoughts on these type of relationships do you think it is unrealistic or something that will be a normal type of relationship in the future?

On my next post I will let you know if I actually kept talking to this person or did I run for the hills and never looked back. Until I speak to you next time, remember its always STYLEDBYTIFF.



























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