My Deva Cut Expierence

July 29, 2017




Some people say your hair is your crown, if that is the case it was time for me to go polish up my crown because it was starting to look rusty and dusty. This post is about my first deva cut expierence, and at the end are tips if you are also thinking about getting one as well.


My friend Lindsey was the person who introduced me to what a Deva cut is and how it is the perfect cut for curly and kinky hair texture girls. When she told me the price of the hair cut ($110) I really wasn’t feeling like spending that much money just to get my hair shaped up, also I wondered if it was the right cut for my 4c hair texture. Unfortunately  that girl is so persuasive so I gave in. Last week I traveled to New York, in Soho to get my first Deva cut. 

When we arrived, we were greeted as soon as we came in the door, asked about our appointments and was taken downstairs to wait for our stylist. As we were waiting, the receptionist brought out tea and water to all the clients. I looked around the salon and I noticed how clean and nice the salon was. This put me more at ease. We must have been waiting for only 2 minutes and our stylist came to us to start the consultation. (I am so used to black salons where you have to wait half an hour to an hour because they already have someone in front of you) My stylist, Latoya, asked what type of haircut I was looking for and a back story of my hair. She was so calm and easy going. I have thin hair that had some damage in the back and she never made me feel like my hair was in bad shape. I came in with a twist out which is NOT what you are supposed to do. You are supposed to come in with your hair in its natural state, so unfortunately I had to do my steps backwards and wash my hair before it was cut. The wash was AMAZING. Instead of sitting in a chair and hurting your neck to lay back, you are laid out on a bed (so comfortable) and get your hair washed, conditioned, deep conditioned and applied with all Deva curl products. While I was getting this done, my wash girl gave me so much product and hair knowledge on how I can get my hair back in to a healthy condition.

After that, I sat under a dryer for just a few minutes before she took me over to her seat to start the cut. I showed her a picture on how I want my hair and how I still wanted it long enough that I could do my go to style, a puff. She section offed my hair, and went curl by curl and started trimming it. We talked about all the things I was doing wrong with my hair and what should be my new routine. She even convinced me to start getting comfortable with doing wash and goes.  When she was done, she wrote down the products I could buy that would work best for my hair and to come back in 4 months to do another trim. I have never received such great service at a salon and no one has broken down to me how to get my hair healthy on my own. This place is worth every penny and was money well spent. I would highly suggest you girls and fellas to do your research and find a Deva cut salon near you. It feels like a personalize haircut for just us curly hair girls. 


My five Tips

  1. Come in with your hair in its natural state. You can wear product in it like a light gel but no twist outs or braid outs.

  2. Have pictures ready so you can show your hairstylist what you’re looking for. You might not know the right terminology and end up with all your hair cut off.

  3. Research salons and your stylist. I trusted everyone in there but I felt comfortable that I already did my research and saw my stylist work on her other clients first.

  4. Be on time. Your stylist is going to be on time cutting your hair so you need to be on time getting there.

  5. Have reasonable expectations. I know my hair is thin and fine and has breakage so I knew she could only cut my hair in the style I wanted. She could not make my hair look exactly like someone who has thick hair.

P.S Hope this was helpful for anyone looking to get a deva cut especially us 4c girls. Embrace your hair and love what God gave you. 















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