Blessed and Highly favored

August 30, 2017


 One of my favorite bloggers Chicclassyspicy  has a weekly gratitude journal of all the things she is grateful for in her life and the many blessings God has given her. As I was reading her post I started writing down the things that I am grateful for . She inspired me to write this post. To give thanks not only when its thanksgiving but all year long and realize how bless I really am. Here are just three of the many things I am grateful for...... 


1.  I have love for all my family the same and all for different reasons. First let's talk about my road dog my best friend my younger sister Bryonna. I have traveled to Richmond, then  to dc just so we can always be together. It's sad I know, but she gets me I can talk about everything with her and she listens and is constantly rooting for me. I tell her all the time I don't know what I would do with out her. She is going to school to be a clinical psychologist and you can tell that is what she is meant to do in life. She listens and cares and wants to help you succeed. Let's not even talk about how much she's helped me with my blog, Photographer, editor, also helps me come up with ideas. Literally this blog would not even be possible if it was not for her. I am beyond grateful for her.

 On a cruise to Ocho Rios Jamaica 

 Hanging out in Georgetown, DC together

 On a cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica

2. Next is my Jody Lindsey. (We been calling each other Jody since high school if you seen the movie Baby Boy you will understand.) This girl has been my friend since middle school which makes her my longest and closes friend I have. I moved around a lot because I have a military family. So to have a friend this Long  is amazing. This girl has been a ride a die so long it's ridiculous. What I love about are friendship is we both want each other to succeed in life. Not a lot of girls have that type of relationship. She's another person who helped push me to do this blog so grateful for her, but  what I like most about my best friend is she pushed me to do things out of my comfort zone. I'm a introvert who loves being alone. As a blogger you have to put yourself out there and unfortunately talk to people. But she is the one person who gets that and pushes me to do things I never would do for example fly to New York to get our hair cut and to go the biggest festival dedicated to curly hair girls Curlfest. I am so grateful for her.

 At Essence My City 4 Ways Event in DC 

 At Curlfest in Brooklyn, New York

3. Last thing I'm grateful for  is my new church. As I said earlier i am a introvert so when I am going through things instead of opening up and talking to people sometimes I keep everything in and try to deal with everything on my own. Why I am so grateful about my church is my pastor, and when I listen to the sermon I feel like he is preaching right to me. Its like I am having a counseling session and I do not even have to open my mouth. Every time I go it helps me to get in a  better head space gets me out of my negative vibes. I am so grateful God blessed me by finding a church that feels like home.



Now that I open up to you all, something I am working on... I hope you all can do the same for me let me know what you are grateful for. Or just write it down for yourself to read and see how many  blessings that are in your life right now. Thank you for reading  this and per usual it is always STYLEDBYTIFF. 

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