10 Random facts about Tiff....

September 15, 2017

I noticed on Instagram people posting 10 facts about their selves. I thought I would try it myself so you all would get to know me better.  If your interested in knowing more about me, also to get outfit details on this look keep reading....





 Outfit details turtleneck: Jcrew, Jeans:Gap, Boots: Nine west Similar, Jacket: Limited Similar

Photographer: Willpowerphotos

Location: Hurbert H. Humphrey Building in Washington D.C N.W


10 things about myself


1. I feel like my style is classic, sexy and also edgy. I'm not into fads or trends that last a season. Miss me with a cold shoulder trend lol

2. My go to look is white a t-shirt and high wasted jeans with a leather jacket. That look will never go out of style. In the winter and fall, it's a fitted black turtle neck instead of a t-shirt. 

3. My favorite shoes in my closet are my beat up Converse. They’re so comfy and I feel like they go with everything. 

4. It is too hard to choose between my black oversized hat and my hoop earrings as my favorite accessory. Random, but it is what it is lol 

5. My favorite style to wear my hair in is a rod set. I like the fluffiness and the amount of  volume I get. I don't wear it like this a lot because I don't like using heat to blow dry my hair straight. 

6. I hate wearing bras. They are so uncomfortable and I actually like that my bust looks smaller in clothes without it.

7. I have the biggest sweet tooth but I'm not into candy. I love savory things like cookies and cupcakes. Please don't bring them around me because I will have to eat them.

8. I'm an introvert but I can be extrovert depending on who I'm around. I can be the life of the party or a bump on a log.There is no in between with me. 

9. I am the worst at texting. If you text me, I might look at it and forget you texted me so I'll leave it and text you days later.

10. I love DC and hate DC at the same time. I have so many reasons I would have to make another list.





Thank you for spending time getting to know me a little more. If you want to give me one fact about yourself I would love to read it. Speak to you all soon, and as usual its always STYLEDBYTIFF. 

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