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November 28, 2017



I sometimes wonder what I ever did before I downloaded these apps on my phone. Then I remember how bad my pictures used to be.  They make my Instagram life so much easier. I felt I needed to let you all know about my favorite apps on my phone that help me with Instagram. Here are my top 3 and 2 bonus apps.... 



First up is Feedplanner. This is the most simple app but my new favorite tool. I can see what a picture looks like on my feed before I post it. I have been working on my feed to clean it up, have it look more professional and to be more cohesive. The fact that I can look to see if a pic looks right on my feed, or not, is everything. I can post as many pics as I want and check out my feed ahead of time. If you are serious about your Instagram and want your feed to look like a real blogger’s please download this app and thank me later. 


Next up is every bloggers favorite, VSCO app. Most Instagram feeds now a days have a color story or look like they have one filter used on all of the pics. Most bloggers use VSCO to keep their blogs cohesive. As far as me, I just can’t bring myself to add a filter on all my pics or stick to a color story. If a photographer took an amazing pic, edited it and sent it to me I could never mess it up. But as far as pics I take myself, I love this app to color correct or make a picture more vivid. 


Finally, you might have already guessed it, Facetune. My one true love. I can really go into detail with editing pics. Whitening, blurring out the background, making my hair more vivid, taking away blemishes… This app does anything your heart desires. Many makeup bloggers use this app to make their makeup pop better in pictures. If you’re a blogger this app will be your best friend. 


This app is not my top app to use but just something fun to make your Instastories more enjoyable. One of my blogger friends put me on to the Hype Text app. It makes words appear slowly and you can add music as well. If you want to jazz up your Instastories check this app out. 


The edit function on my iPhone is my new favorite way to edit pics. I personally have an iPhone 8 plus so I’m not sure if every iPhone has the same edit functions, but this was a huge upgrade from my 6S. You can change the lighting, add filters, change the color, saturate and change the contrast. Also, when you take a picture on live you can choose from multiple shots by going to your edit. I recently have been just using my edit function alone and posting pics and that’s all. I will post a before and after pic with only using the edit function on my phone. Try it and let me know what you think. Do you all think this can take the place of VSCO app one day?




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