How to take your own Photos

April 10, 2018


I love working with photographers but sometimes my schedule doesn't allow me to. Sometimes, instead of waiting around for someone to be available, I am all about doing it by myself. All you need to make this happen is a tripod and a decent phone or a camera if you have one. That’s it


The tripod I purchased was from amazon for only  $19.00. What I love about this particular tripod is that you can make it into a selfie stick. This is a great for selfies so I could look like I’m not taking the picture. I used my selfie stick to take this picture. Both my outfit and the couch I’m sitting on all were able to fit in the frame. If I didn't have my selfie stick the only thing I could get in frame is my hair and face.


What is also great about this tripod is that it has a wireless Bluetooth remote control which means no more self-timer. (Thank you God) This is a huge game changer because you can set up your tripod, hold the remote in your hand and take as many pictures as you need. You don’t have to stop after each pic and set your timer on again. I recently took my tripod and got these great shots. 

As you all know I live in DC.  In DC, there are a lot of alley ways that I can be alone and unbothered to take as many pics as I want. These pics were in an ally in Dupont Circle. I set my tripod up on someone’s trash can so it could be higher as if an actual person took it. 





If you are in need of a app to make your picture look more professional photograph I suggest downloading  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Camera phones can make your pics a little grainy or make the lightening  look off. This app helps by making your images appear more vivid

Location: DuPont Circle Washington Dc

Photographer : Me

I hope this helped you all and made you feel more comfortable with taking your own pics. Don’t think you can’t be a blogger if you don’t have a professional photographer taking your pics. Do it yourself!!!


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