My Vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June 7, 2018


My trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico came right on time and just what the doctor ordered. Life’s stresses were getting to me and i needed a break from it all. To be able to go to such a relaxing, beautiful, place was so perfect.


Puerto Vallarta is a resort area known for its beautiful beaches, water sports and nightlife scene. Downtown has lots of clubs, flea markets, and cute restaurants to enjoy as well.

We stayed at the Barcelo Resort which was perfect for our group of 3. If you are a group of 3 or more they have family rooms with tons of space. We had 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, a terrace over looking the resort and the beach. If you decide to stay their pay the extra money to upgrade to the premium, it was worth every penny. Free room service, a premium lounge with self serve drinks, and the top 3 floors is reserved for you, so better views of the pool and beach. The staff was so sweet and accommodating and the resort was so clean and beautiful. I loved that the people who stayed at our resort were from all over. There were not a lot of Americans which can be nice if you actually want to get away from home. The only negative I have was some of the food was just o.k. but i have been to all inclusive before so i expected that.

 Barcelo Puerto Vallarta 

When we left the resort we got to expierence the culture of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were able to interact with the locals and see the street entertainment that happens every night in the downtown area. I suggest you try to go on a tour because simply looking at it isn’t enough. Having someone to explain every detail made it even more interesting. We decided to do the tequila tour where we walked around downtown Puerto Vallarta where we learned about the history of the city. We even learned fun facts like the reason the cobblestone is in the downtown area is to make sure the city doesn't get too hot which made having to drive on those bumpy streets make a little more since. Afterwards we went up to a hillside to learn how tequila was made and what machines they use to make it. On the tour I learned that the fruit that makes tequila, guava fruit, takes 10 years just to ripped.  This tour was so insightful in actually a lot of fun.

 Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk


 The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe

As far as entertainment goes this city is all about it. The clubs treat you like your a celebrity with all the entertainment and fun like you are balling out in Vegas. I suggest the Strana . We had a great time. There was great music, random robots walking around , and a live saxophone player. Also it stays open until 5 am so you can party all night. If you’re not into clubs you can go downtown to the boardwalk where there is entertainment on every corner like street dancers, plays, and more live music any day of the week.



Last but not least: the food. I explained earlier the food from the resort was o.k. The breakfast we ordered everyday was the best part. We wanted true authentic Mexican food so we ventured out and went to restaurants. One of the restaurants we went to was la leche. Decorated in all white milk theme this restaurant was stunning. The food was even better. I went a little overboard with the tuna by ordering it for appetizer and my main meal but it was so good. The menu changes everyday so you might not be able to get the same meal as me but I am sure you will find something that you will love.



 La Leche

This had to be one of the best trips I’ve been on. I got to be in a new country, learn about the culture in history, relax by a pool everyday and eat and drink as much as I wanted to every day. I hope this post convinced you that you need to book a trip soon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Let me know if you already have been or now want to go. Remember its always STYLEDBYTIFF


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