The shorter the better

August 17, 2018


Cutting your hair can be freeing, but also scary. I spent most of my life feeling like short hair isn’t cute. I wore weave for years. I felt like if i didnt have my long weave in my hair i wasn't the same person, a diva or not put together. I was even told by people that my head was too big to have short hair. (I’ve been called big head all my life lol) 


I eventually got over my fear of wearing my natural hair. It did help that by this time my hair was long enough to hit my shoulders so i actually liked it. But of course with years of my hair being in weaves my hair eventually started breaking off. It kept getting shorter and shorter. I got to a point where i wanted to let it all go and start fresh. Meaning i wanted to wear my natural hair short. 


I went to the Devachen salon in New York again. I already know my stylist, Jessica, who is now a good friend. If you live in New York go see her. I showed her pics of what i wanted and said just leave my hair on top.  That’s all i ask. My anxiety and fear were sky high while she was cutting away at my hair. After she was done i was like ohhh ok lol. It honestly took me a minute to get used to. I went home played in it styled it and was so happy i took that leap of faith to cut my hair off. It looked fuller and healthier. Any woman walking around with short hair instantly looks confident to me. I was so happy afterwards. 


Sometimes you just have to take the plunge, stop listening to what society or other people tell you what’s beautiful and be confident in your self. We are not our hair it doesn’t make us beautiful-it only adds to our beauty. Cutting my hair made me appreciate other parts of me that are beautiful. I encourage anyone who is wondering if they should take that leap to do it. It’s so freeing. 




P.s my hair is actually shorter now. I stayed over my hairstylist’s house recently and she thought i need to take the sides and back shorter. So moral of the story: don’t be around your hairstylist too long because they will want to keep playing in your hair lol. 


If you have a haircut story i would love to hear it. Leave it in the comments. Thank you for reading and remember it’s always STYLEDBYTIFF. 

Outfit Details: Top- H&M Jeans- H&M Shoes- Justfab 

Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA

Hair Products: Uncle Funkys Daughter

Photographer : Mfieldsphotography 

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