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January 22, 2019


It’s been so long and I feel so bad. I finally moved in my new apt in Philly, settled into my new job, and ready to get back to blogging. Who else felt like 2018 was a crazy roller coaster? It’s 2019 and I’m ready to stop playing and be a more consistent blogger. I’m so excited to make this blog post because I feel like so many people need this information who are just starting out in blogging. Let’s get into how to blog on a dime.


Now most people think to be a great fashion blogger you have to have new clothes all the time, splurge on designer and either need the most expensive camera out or find an amazing and expensive photographer. I’m not a big time influencer just yet but I feel like I will make it without having all of these things.

First, let’s talk about clothing. Most of you are like me. We can afford designer but we also have adult bills we are trying to pay off as well. I feel like I’m here to show you how to look nice and not spend all your money. I shop at places that are affordable but not cheap (cheaply made) like Zara, ASOS, Club Monaco, Topshop, Madewell, and Freepeople. The secret is to go when there is a sale. The best sales of the year are the end of season sales where everything is normally half the price. If you wait till it’s almost over when the prices are even better, stores are trying to liquidate to make room for next seasons clothing. Stock up and you will have great items for the fraction of the price. Also, thrifting is also a great option to find more unique items that everyone won’t be wearing. Now that you are blogging, another thing to do is to reach out to brands and offer a collaboration to wear their clothing. This way, you can create a post to promote for their brand. One last tip: it’s ok to wear clothing again, all you have to do is style it differently. Don’t feel the need to buy a whole new fit every time you want to post an outfit. I used to feel that I always needed something new to wear, now I look in my closet first. I normally go with something I bought for an event or something I wore last year and just style it a different way.





Next let’s talk about photography. Now I really love the photographers I work with but photographers can be really expensive, or we have conflicting schedules. When I moved to Philly, I was like, “Man, now I have to look for brand new photographers.” I actually stopped posting for a while because of this. Then I realized I could just take my own pics again. I got my tripod out and started taking photos. I have a blog post where I mention how I take my own photos. I also use my sister. Every time we are with each other, she takes my pics. I will say my most engaged photos came from my sister’s skills. I think because I’m so comfortable with her and she lets me direct her a little, we come out with great content. So I would find a friend or family member to help you and until you can afford your own camera, use your iPhone. You can splurge on editing apps to get you started. Try different places and poses until you find your own esthetic. It will all be worth it.


I hope this blog post was helpful. I would have started a lot sooner if I knew I didn’t need a lot of money to blog. P.s all the pics on this post is from my iPhone not a high def camera.


Thank you guys and happy new year and always its always styled by Tiff.

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