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May 21, 2019



Let’s get right to it y’all, my move to Philly was definitely the hardest decision I have made. I wasn’t moving because I wanted to live in Philly, it was strictly for work. I made the decision to move because I wanted an easier commute to New York, to start fresh in a new city, and to make progress towards my career goals. Now the questions I get way too often are, “Do you like Philly?” and “Did you make the right decision?”



Of course these are loaded questions. Do I like Philly? Yes. Do I miss my DC friends and family? Yes. Did I make the right decision? Only time will tell and as of right now I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that I’m not going to spend each day being sad and regretting my decision because I’m here now, I gotta put my big girl panties on, and suck it up.

Let’s talk first about the good side of Philly first: the food (of course I would start with food). I have gone to so many great restaurants. There are a lot of mom and pop shops, which is good since I’m not into big chain restaurants. I’m always so surprised to go in and see amazing decor and food. I’m not sure why I’m surprised though. It could be because it never looks that way from outside but I am always pleasantly surprised. Next: the cost of living. The rent is a fraction of the price in DC for way more space. You can live in the city in a nice place for under $2,000 a month. That’s almost unheard of in DC making it the reason a lot of New Yorkers move to Philly and travel into New York to work. Lastly. there’s still so many things to do just like in DC. Festivals, amazing parks, museums, culture and history are big here and I’m all about it. Since I’m new here, I normally check out Philly mag on Instagram to see all that there is to do. Last week I went to yoga at the pier for free and had such a good time! The night scene isn’t so bad either. I’m older so I barely go out anymore, but chill vibes with great music are my things and you can get those here.


While there are positives to living here, there are some downsides. On the top of the list is how dirty the city is. You can tell the gov’t puts a lot of money in Center City, Old City, and Fishtown to keep them as clean as possible but the moment you leave those areas, you are going to see trash everywhere. It seems like it doesn’t really faze the locals but it is disgusting to me to walk over trash daily is just not ok. There are no street cleaners twice a week like in DC and it shows. This has to be the biggest down side. Another major downside is transportation. I decided to live in the city but work in the King of Prussia area so it’s partly my fault. The interstate is insane and people drive like they don’t care about safety or their cars at all. It’s something I struggle with daily driving to work and the only interstate to get there only has two lanes. Living in the city though there are many places you can walk to instead of driving so that’s why I chose to live out here instead.

After i really think about it, Philly is a beautiful city with lots of charm and character. It’s convenient and calm compared to DC. I love my apartment and my neighborhood. Do I miss DC? Of course but hey, it could be a lot worse. I hope this post makes you at least want to visit Philly or go for a job in a new place. Take the risk every now and then! Speak to you all soon and as usual, it’s always Stylebytiff.  



Location northern liberties Philadelphia PA 

Outfit: top H&M, shorts Zara, shoes H&M 



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