3 steps I took to get myself out of a quarantine funk

May 13, 2020


Hello y’all! So we’re just going to skip over the fact that I have been gone for way too long to do what? Who knows. I am back and focused again! It took a while to get to this point and I want to tell y'all what I had to do to get myself out of my quarantine funk. First lets get into why I was in a funk. This is the first time since I was 16 and not working. I didn't know how to react over this dramatic change in my life. I also had to cancel a trip I was looking forward to for months. Small but, hey, I was still mad because I was looking forward to laying on a beach drinking and margaritas everyday. I’m dealing with all this change and then boom my job tells us we are going on furlough and we all need to file for unemployment. So I just shut down, ate, and watched tv for weeks. But then easter happened  I listened to a great sermon online and said let me get me butt up and do something with this free time. Here are the three things I am doing now to keep myself out of the dreaded quarantine funk. 





So this might be different for some people but this is the one thing that helped me the most. I     have been praying and speaking to God more then ever. I gave all my worries and struggles to God and I believe He's going to get us all through this. Once I believed it and prayed about it I started to move on.


Planing out my day 


At work, I normally plan out my day when I first get in. This makes me feel organized and keeps my anxiety down. I now use that same action at home. On Sunday I write a list of things I want to accomplish for the week. Then in the morning I   grab a cup of coffee and plan out my day. I then add in one or two things from my list. This makes me feel organized and that I actually have things to accomplish for the day. I spent weeks watching tv and eating now I want to spend some time getting some things done. My lists aren't crazy like reorganize everything in my kitchen cabinet (that's no fun) but it’s simple things like wash my hair and write a blog post, like what I’m doing right now. Then I go through and cross things off the list. When I cross things off, I feel like actually did something productive when really I just washed dishes for the day. If it doesn't get crossed off there is always tomorrow.

have a goal coming out of quarantine


Have a goal coming out of quarantine


Now first and foremost I am not one of these people telling you to come out of this with a new business, make a million dollars, or lose 50 pounds. I am saying have one to three goals you want to achieve during this period. That could be as small as being able to get out of this without going into depression, learning how to properly take care your hair, or get through a book you wanted to get through and never had the time. My goals are to become constant in blogging, at least post my first youtube video, and gain a better relationship with God. None of these are unrealistic or overwhelming so I’m sure I can achieve them and not give up a week in. Now if I don't y’all better not come for me in the comments.



I hope this helps anyone who is having a hard time getting through this. Another bonus tip I have is if there’s anyone in your life making this situation harder for you remove them, focus on you, have fun with it, and don't let this time overwhelm you. Alright bye y'all and remember its always StyledByTiff.  





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